Forthcoming Editorial Book Projects in 2019

Blockchain Economies and Crypto Markets: Financial Market Innovation and Crypto-currencies by Springer

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This novel book emphasizes on blockchain economies and investment strategies in crypto markets. Recently, technological developments associated with financial services industry have been designing new investment models. With the integration of blockchain technology to the financial services industry, Bitcoin sparks the attention of many investors in crypto-markets apart from traditional investment strategies. Blockchain Economies in this digital innovation path will be designing traditional finance. Crypto-asset investment, Crypto-Lending, Bitcoin Transfer, Cloud Mining, Lightning Networks, Hard-wallets, ICOs and crowd sales are just some of hot topics which we have recently occupied with. Is blockchain economy a threat or opportunity for integrated financial system? What about economic and political agenda of counties with FIAT money for crypto-markets? How will financial system be evolved in the next decade? Coping with this new issue of blockchain economies, scholars and researchers from different disciplines are gathered together in this novel book.

Digital Business Strategies in Blockchain Ecosystem: Transformational Design and Future for Global Business by Springer

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This novel book emphasizes on digital business strategies that have broader impact on global business operations. Recently, technological developments associated with blockchain ecosystem have been designing new business strategies. In addition to this fact, aligning digital business strategies in competitive markets with advanced technologies provides a competitive advantage for proactive businesses. The transformation process of fundamental business components in this digital era will enhance the business performance. In this study, an interdisciplinary approach is requested to analyze and demonstrate the new ways out of traditional management. Consequently, the combination of studies on blockchain technologies and digital business in Industry 4.0 realm spotlighted a unique roadmap for strategic fit between organizational design and blockchain ecosystem. This book is designed for academicians, blockchain enthusiast, students and practitioners. It helps business strategists design a path for future opportunities.

Strategic Fit and Design in Business Ecosystem by IGI GLOBAL-USA

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In this novel book, it is aimed to develop a broader understanding of evolving business ecosystem. It is also aimed to spotlight the importance of formulating a strategic fit and design in business ecosystem in the light of technological advances in digital era. By this publication, it is also aimed to develop a strategic approach to competitive business ecosystem and transformational change in digital era.  

By this book, it is anticipated to build a futuristic view of evolving business ecosystem and deeper understanding of business transformation process in the new digital business era. The major benefit of this publication will be attached to futuristic competitive business practices. Strategist with new insights of digital business and transformational change will implement distinguished competitive strategies in evolving business ecosystem.