All articles / chapters submitted to BSCint® journals and books go through peer review process through our OSS system. In order to achieve the highest level of objectivity and infringement of copyright in the examination process, the editors must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript and its author to anyone other than the corresponding author and reviewers. Based on the reports received from the Reviewers, the Editors have the right to accept or reject a manuscript for publication or to demand its modification. Only the manuscripts with two positive revisions could be published. Whereas the decision about one manuscript could not be made upon two required reports, the additional opinion could be requested from another reviewer. The final selection of papers for publication and the form of publication shall rest with the Editor. Unpublished manuscripts must not be used in any purpose by Editors and must be kept strictly confidential from the third parties. The authors will be informed about the decision on their manuscripts as promptly as possible. Following acceptance, a paper will normally be published in the next available issue of a journal.

BSCint® realizes that pradatory channels erodes the trus in academic society and deeply affects the outcomes of all research results and findings reported within scholarly journals and academic reference books. BSCint® has taken on several measures to avoid such ethical problems:

The Editor(s) in a book or journal is the only person responsible for the initial review of a submitted reseach to verify that it meets the coverage of the book or journal and also to ensure that authors’ names and affiliations are removed from the paper prior to assigning it for review.

All individuals invited to join an editorial advisory or review board must submit a copy of their CV/Resume for review, and there must be a written email or letter by that person accepting the nomination and appointment to the board.

All Editor(s) of books and journals must utilize BSCint® online submission system to assign reviewers to manuscripts. All reviews must be submitted by the reviewers through the system.

Double-Blind Peer Review

Once an article manuscript is initially evaluated by the Editor to enter the double-blind peer review process, it will be anonymized and assigned to at least 2 reviewers via the BSCint® Online Submission System.

The assignment of reviewers is based on the reviewers’ areas of expertise.

Reviewers are given evaluation criteria and asked to provide comments to the author and may also provide

Reviewers evaluate a manuscript on:

  • Originality and significance of contribution.

  • Interest to research community and/or practitioners.

  • International relevance.

  • Coverage of existing literature.

  • Satisfactoriness of methodology, analysis, and comprehension.

  • Clear, concise, and jargon-free writing.

  • Organizational structure.

All comments and suggestions from the Reviewer should be followed with supporting arguments. The reviewer obliges to keep all received manuscripts in strict confidentiality and must not use them for personal advantage. The appropriate acknowledgments of all sources of data within the manuscript should be certified by the Reviewer. Any similarity to published papers or doubt to plagiarism must be immediately brought to the Editor. A reviewer should inform the Editor if having any professional issues, such as falling out of the subject of the manuscript from his/her scope of research, or lack of time to make the proper examination.

Once all reviews have been received, Editors will determine whether the manuscript is accepted, requires revision, or is rejected.

If the manuscript is accepted, then the author will be provided with the formatting guidelines for final submission Following the acceptance of article by the editor, copyediting and proof editing stages are initiated. In this process, extra editing may be requested from the authors if it is necessary

Note: The return of a manuscript to the author(s) for revision does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript for publication.

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