Auditing Ecosystem and Strategic Accounting In Digital Era

By Tamer Aksoy and Umit Hacioglu


Auditing Ecosystem and Strategic Accounting In Digital Era

By this publication, it is aimed to describe and discuss new strategic approaches to contemporary auditing, accounting and finance issues with academic and practitioner literature. The major contribution of this book will be developing a futuristic competitive strategic practices in these main topics depending on contemporary challenges from globalization, environmental uncertainty and turbulence, business agility, technological developments, deregulation, digital and network technologies, artificial intelligence, smart applications, connectedness of people and devices, ethical issues, cyber systems, platform and competitive strategies, sustainability, financial mobility, regulations, international standards, corporate governance, ERM, quality assurance, ethics and digital disruption.

Tamer Aksoy is the professor of Auditing, Accounting and Finance at Ibn Haldun University, School of Business, Istanbul-Turkey. Dr. Aksoy obtained his BAs in Economics at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences (1986). He received his MA decree in Economics at Hacettepe University (1989) and PhD in Economics at Gazi University (1997). He became Associate Professor in accounting and finance (2007) and Professor in auditing. accounting and finance (2018). He has a wide experience of research and teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fields of auditing, accounting, and finance. He authored 7 books and many articles in indexed journals on auditing, internal control, accounting, international auditing standards, IFRS, accounting ethics, auditing ethics, Basel regulations, financial analysis Enterprise risk management, corporate governance, international banking, and automotive industry. He is a member of editorial boards of different international journals. In addition to his academic career Professor Aksoy has also extensive work experience over 32 years. He served as an internal auditor, supervisor (for 10 years) and as the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) of the Group’s internal audit function (for 32 years) for OYAK which is the second largest conglomerate holdings group with 90 subsidaries in different sectors in Turkey and all over the world.. Furtermore, he worked for Maritime and Port Management company of the Group as Advisor to CEO. Besides, He also acted as a member of board of directors of various commercial Group companies in different sectors such as Adana Cement Inc, Bolu Cement Inc, Goodyear Tyres Inc, Omsan Logistics Inc, Oysa İskenderun Cement Inc. OYAKBANK Inc. Moreover, Prof. Aksoy has also some international professional licenses and certificates of Independent Auditor, CPA.CFE, CAE, CRMA.


Umit Hacioglu is a Professor of Finance at the School of Business, Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey. He holds PhD in Finance and Banking, and corporate finance and strategic management are the main pillars of his interdisciplinary research. He is the executive director of the Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (IJRBS) and chief editor of the International Journal of Finance and Banking Studies (IJFBS). He is a founding member of the “Society for the Study of Business and Finance” (SSBF), Istanbul, Turkey.