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Bussecon International is a scientific venue for international scholars. In the last decade, BSCint® editors have strong ties with thousands of international scholars and published premier reference titles with collaboration of international publishers and societies. In collaboration with prominent authors around the World, BSCint® dedicated itself to the highest standarts in research community.

Publishing novel books and other academic research papers in scholarly journals is supported with a concise peer review process offering authors and editors an amazing publishing opportunity. BSCint® is a CrossRef member and publishes academic series in Business, Economics, Social Science, Eduation and related fields.

BSCint® supports the Integration of published scientific works with scholarly databases including RePEC, EconPapers, IDEAS, Google Scholar, EconScope®Index and many others in the nearest future for highest visibility and citations.

For publishing opportunities, please contact our team at the acquisition department (

Easy Submission.

Submitting a proposal or paper is the initial part of your scholarly journey with us. BSCint® provides full support from the day that a proposal is submitted, with our acquisitions department prepared to answer any questions that a potential editor might have. Once a proposal is accepted, editors and authors are paired with an in-house development contact here at BSCint®. As the BSC family, we are aware of the importance of time for valuable researchers. Therefore, we offer you the most effective solutions with the best author/editor service. It is important for us that you can submit your works easily and get timely support in the development and publication process of your scientific contribution.

High Visibility!

One of the major priorities of the BSCint®is to establish a strong long-term collaboration with our authors and editors. The most effective way to contribute to the international recognition of our authors is to ensure that they are highly cited with their publications. We are aware of this reality and we concentrate on high visibility by integrating our publications with major databases.

BSCint® Online Submission System (OSS)

BSCint® devoted highest standart of publishing process with strict double-blind peer review process with Online Submission System that allows each phase of a project to be uploaded and monitored by the editor(s) and authors. Authors upload their submissions to the necessary book or journal title where the editor can assign reviewers, request revisions, make editorial decisions, and select submissions for their final publication. OSS assists all individuals during the publication process to ensure a smooth transition through each phase.

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